Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Am I different?

ok I'll tell you guys a story today~
Well.. actually It's  based on a true story..
ok~Long story short, it's actually about my childhood times~

When I was in kinder garden the first kinder garden (when I was 5) I went was awesome~
Kids at there are so friendly,the teachers are kind and I really love it.

Well when I was 6 I moved to a new kinder garden.
On my first day,
Almost all of the kids ignored and avoided me
I don't know why...
My first day  I have no friends,they ignored me and avoided me -_____-

The next day I went to the kinder garden..
I heard one of them said " Hey why is she's here?, She doesn't belong at here bla-bla-bla..Isn't she supposed to went to a chinese kinder garden?bla-bla-bla"..
and I was like...actually I didn't do or react anything..well what do you expect?I was 6~

Than after a few years I started to understand and reminded my childhood saddest momment -3-
and I was like..wait..What's wrong with you guys?You were 6!!and I'm not a chinese!even if I do what's wrong with it?I'm still a human!If I were you I would still befriends with her(who is happen to be me)..

Think about it.Just because they are different doesn't mean they are a bad person..they're still human don't treat them like an alien or some bastard.I know how it feels.. T^T



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