Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My little brother

Hello there~
Ok,some of you guys might have known me for a while,and some of you don't
Let me introduce myself a bit...
I'm from Malaysia
I'm a Muslim
born on the year of 1996
I have a big brother and 3 little brother's~

So today I'm going to tell you a story about my 2nd little brother.
Let me introduce him a bit.
He's about 7/9 cm shorter than me(maybe)
He has a chinese face like my father
From all of my family he's the one that has made a lot of 'HISTORY' in our family.
He has done many mischievous things,that you guys couldn't think of...-_-

But you know what.. All the ' HISTORY' that he has made is going to be a story that we will going to tell our children and grandchildren until the next and the next and so on generation :)

This is one of the story that I made it into a manga/comic(whatever you're gonna call it)

Hope you guys enjoyed it 
If it's kinda blurry go to this link :  http://takumiyori.deviantart.com/


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