Tuesday, 26 March 2013


It's me again~
well of course~who do you expect? Harry Potter?
well...I wish...~ -_-

How's your day?
well be patient~I'm gonna tell you anyway..

What is the first thing you would see when you went to someplace in Malaysia?..for example..um..
Masjid Jamek~
Rubbish all over the place.
It's not like I hate that place or something..
Actually I like going there..
ok..back to the topic..
If I'm rich enough I would hire everyone in Malaysia to make Malaysia as clean as Switzerland maybe?

I love staying and be part of Malaysians..
but there are certain thing's that I did not like about it..

Usually while waiting for our school van to arrive...
I usually sat under a big shady tree infront of 'this' school and rubbish as my companion.
While waiting..the other kids who is riding the same school van with me..they would go to a hawker and and bought some snacks
well this is what happened when they buy some snacks from the hawker :

 Sometimes I hate myself...
because I don't have the COURAGE to tell them that they are not supposed to do that...
huh~ I hate myself...
I hope someday..SOMEDAY!I will tell them!I WILL!!!!!
(btw I made that pic myself..its so hard to draw using a mouse -_-)


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